Confidentiality Policy

At A Safe Haven all information is protected for confidentiality in accordance with applicable HIPAA laws. Adult residents of A Safe Haven are required  to sign releases for information to be released to all third party individuals or entities.

MAT Policy

A Safe Haven’s Integrated and Comprehensive Approach to Recovery

Includes Medical Assisted Treatment (MAT) & Abstinence Based Recovery Modalities

In October 2017, America declared a National Opioid Epidemic that is currently claiming the lives of 67,000 people a year and 115 people a day. Millions of Americans are facing this challenge and struggling to overcome addiction to prescription pain killers, heroin and other opiates.  If you, or a loved one, is one of those struggling with this addiction, you are not alone.

Since 1994, A Safe Haven has been on the front lines of this epidemic. Since its founding, A Safe Haven was started specifically to help people that were facing the difficulties and challenges associated with the ‘disease’ of substance abuse and other related behavioral healthcare disorders, by helping them overcome all of their underlying and co-existing consequences that typically happen to most people who suffer from addictions, including health issues due to addiction, legal difficulties (including incarceration), financial, social stigma, family issues, academic failure, unemployment and prior failed attempts to overcome this addiction.

We know that it is crucial to provide people in crisis access to a holistic, comprehensive integrated approach to recovery. A Safe Haven is an award-winning model that is leading the nation in our ability to help transform the lives of people experiencing social and economic challenges; A Safe Haven has, to-date, helped over 110,000 people, including mothers with children and Veterans, by putting men and women back on a path to recovery and to achieving economic independence and stable housing in a sustainable manner.

At a Safe Haven each individual receives services based on their unique assessment process that addresses the underlying behavioral healthcare issues and/or substance use disorders in addition to the other variable factors that are barriers to long-term recovery.

Our professionally-trained and credentialed staff works with you (and your physician, if applicable) to support and guide you through the challenges you will face by providing individual and group therapy, life skills training, education, family support and a myriad of other wrap around services.  We are here to help you overcome your addiction and to regain your life free from pain-killer types of opioids, heroin and other opiates in a way that can put you back on a path to long-term recovery.

A Safe Haven Recovery Model Is Abstinence Based and Also Supports MAT Services (if applicable-MAT prescriptions are not a requirement of A Safe Haven recovery programs):

  • Methadone Maintenance Treatment Support
  • Suboxone Treatment Program Support
  • Vivitrol Treatment Program Support
  • Individualized Treatment (assessment and individualized treatment plan).
  • Recovery Support Services

A Safe Haven holistic, comprehensive and integrated approach to recovery has helped individuals of all ages and backgrounds break the bonds of addiction.  We can help you.

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals are here to help you in almost every aspect of your life. We will not stop helping you until you are on a solid path to recovery and independence.  The average length of stay at A Safe Haven is 90 days.

A Safe Haven Foundation was co-founded by a military Veteran who has over 27 years living in recovery.  Addiction is recognized as a chronic and progressive disease that affects the family, friends and community and it can be managed. To date, there is no known cure for the ‘disease’; however, we understand how to help people learn how to live positive productive lives in Recovery! We look forward to helping you and/or your loved one achieve the dream of healing relationships with themselves and their loved ones.

A Safe Haven is the first step on your journey to health and a better life…you will not have to walk alone.

To Apply online please visit https://www.asafehaven.org/form-coming-soon/ or Call us at 773-435-8300 and ask for Intake….do it TODAY for you and your family.

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Sexual Harassment Policy

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