Substance Abuse Funding Cut In Illinois impacts Women in Recovery

Over 42,000 people in the State of Illinois are being impacted by the Illinois Budget Cuts of 43% or $110,000,000 for funding to help those “afflicted” with the diseases of substance abuse and alcoholism. This video describes the despair of one courageous mother who has been “impacted” and forced to move out of a recovery program with her children to a homeless shelter. She represents the despair other people are facing as they are moving out of successful substance abuse programs that offer housing, supportive services, access to treatment, healthcare, education, job training, jobs, and affordable housing. People in recovery are being forced to move out of programs that lead to self-sufficiency and independence and move into homeless shelters, churches and the streets. This funding cut will result in costly burdens on the Criminal Justice System, protective services, emergency healthcare. Countless lives and families and entire communities are “at risk” of spiraling out of control without services. (studies show $1 spent on treatment saves $7 in other social services).