Neli Vazquez Rowland Honored with the Institute of Medicine of Chicago Innovations in Healthcare/Healthcare Delivery Award

ASHF Board of Directors Member, IOMC Board of Directors, VP Michael Favia, Esq., and Neli Vazquez Rowland, ASHF President and Co-Founder


Chicago, IL, June 11, 2018– Neli Vazquez Rowland, A Safe Haven Foundation President, was among Chicago’s Health Care leaders honored at The Institute of Medicine of Chicago (IOMC); she was the recipient of the distinguished Innovations in Health Care/Health Care Delivery Award at the IOMC 2018 Annual Meeting and Dinner. The honor recognizes individuals or organizations that have implemented an approach, strategy or improvement in healthcare of healthcare delivery that enhances patient care, equity and/or improves outcomes.

The ceremony took place on June 7, 2018, at Loyola University Chicago’s Regents Hall. The Institute of Medicine of Chicago is a nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to promote the study and advancement of health sciences and their application to human needs. The Institute provides educational programs and publications, conducts studies, and promotes educational and service directions in health care for the benefit of the Metropolitan Chicago community.


“Neli is the dedicated President of the A Safe Haven Foundation where she leads and inspires hundreds of employees and volunteers to provide comprehensive integrated services that successfully help thousands of people in crisis or in need on a yearly basis. Neli is a highly respected, award winning speaker, writer and expert on addiction, education, work training services and job placement of the homeless. She is a true inspirational leader in the field of social innovation and entrepreneurship.” ̶ Michael V. Favia, Leading Health Lawyer, IOMC Vice-President of the Board of Governors, respected A Safe Haven Board Member

It was so nice to be noticed and recognized amongst Chicago’s top leaders in healthcare, by one of the most reputable healthcare institutions in the State of Illinois. The timing was apropos, on the heels of the recent legislative victories we have had, including the federal approval of the 1115 Medicaid Waiver and the unanimous passage of HB 5868 Healthcare Continuum of Care Bill that we authored, that will allow more people access to a more robust, integrated and comprehensive healthcare to community-based behavioral healthcare continuum of care and aftercare delivery system. A Safe Haven’s proven, multi-disciplinary and comprehensive services will now become more seamless and readily available to more people suffering from the national opioid and substance abuse epidemic in our city and state.  Thanks to Michael Favia, Esq. for his nomination; this award will absolutely put the spotlight on our work as a top community-based behavioral health care model.  His leadership on our Board and his knowledge and leadership in the healthcare community has contributed to much of our success over the years.  I look forward to sharing A Safe Haven’s model with more leaders in the medical and healthcare community so that they may be aware of their options, and can discharge their patients, diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder and at-risk of relapsing, to a more robust, proven model for sustained recovery. All providers have a mutual goal to ease the suffering of so many people dealing with diseases of addiction and mental health disorders. It was an honor to receive the Innovations in Health Care/ Health Care Delivery Award. I am humbled and honored by their recognition, as it strengthens our resolve to continue helping Chicago’s most vulnerable individuals and families in need of A Safe Haven’s unique and vertically integrated holistic approach and ecosystem.  Our vision is to help improve and influence a more systemic, scalable and sustainable behavioral healthcare model in the Nation so everyone in America, when dealing with times of crisis, has a place to turn for hope, to support their healing, and to help get them back to becoming substance free and productive again.” ̶  Neli Vazquez Rowland, President