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L-R Department of Labor Military Veteran Advocate Staff member Stoddard, Neli Vazquez Rowland, President A Safe Haven & DOL Military Veteran Advocate Staff Member


The US Department of Labor Recognizes A Safe Haven as a GOLD Medallion Veteran Employer


Washington DC, On November 8, 2018, Neli Vazquez Rowland, President and Co-Founder of A Safe Haven Foundation, accepted the Gold Medallion Veteran Recognition by the US Department of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta in Washington, DC at an awards Ceremony held at the Department of Labor Headquarters in DC. A Safe Haven was co-founded by US Military Army Veteran Brian Rowland and today it is one of the nation’s largest providers of Veteran services and housing. We are proud to be among the select inaugural group of organizations including municipalities, non-profit and corporations around the Country and the first in Chicago to represent the top employers committed to hiring our Nation’s Heroes. We are humbled and honored for being recognized with this prestigious and highly coveted award.


The Department of Labor has established the HIRE Vets Medallion Program under the Honoring Investment in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans Act, or HIRE Vets Act. The program is shining a light on employers who hire our nation’s heroes. Since the beginning, A Safe Haven Foundation has been committed to hiring our military veterans and Helping veterans. Both concepts are inextricably embedded in the organization’s DNA.


Neli Vazquez Rowland, A Safe Haven Co-Founder and President shares: “We are extremely grateful for the recognition. It is because of our team’s focus and commitment on behalf of military veterans at A Safe Haven that we are proud to say we have a long history and tradition of hiring military veterans. We never expected to be noticed for doing what we’ve always believed in as a veteran founded organization. At A Safe Haven we have always valued the importance of hiring our nation’s heroes as a top agency talent recruitment priority. Our entire mission evolves around employing military veterans who served our country, whenever possible, and making sure our military heroes get help and secure sustained income and/or employment when they graduate from A Safe Haven, so that they can take care of themselves and their families, with pride and purpose. This recognition, by the Department of Labor, truly validates our approach in the most meaningful and visible way possible. We hope to inspire other employers to join us and to seek this prestigious recognition and we hope that through our A Safe Haven staffing services, we can help them find the job-ready veteran candidates to help them make it a reality – I can attest that it is wonderful to be known as a great place for veterans to work, too,”


Civic Staffing d/b/a A Safe Haven Talent Resources Services is a social business enterprise staffing business with over 20 years of experience providing employers with job ready candidates including job ready military veterans.


To learn more or to hire Veterans, please visit:  A Safe Haven Talent Resources