Speech – Brian Rowland, Event Host

A Safe Haven 25 Year Anniversary Gala
“Official Remarks”
Drake Hotel-140 E. Walton Pl. Chicago IL
November 16, 2019

25 years
I can not say the years went fast.  I can say we developed a model to help those in need. Our goal was and is simple to focus on the output and measure success by numbers placed in permanent housing and employed or self sufficient.I was in need at 32 years ago newly married almost 1 year and blessed with a baby boy when I relapsed. I came home drunk and Neli told me they would be gone the next day. That was my bottom. Neli was and is my love and the best decision of my life and I could not lose her.

Treatment, halfway house, AA, counseling, support of family. I was educated, had a career in finance, insurance and the money to hire lawyers etc…
The 11 guys I lived with had little or none of the resources I had.

Our model is simple help those in need overcome the obstacles they face in securing housing and employment. Theses obstacles can be economic, educational, emotional or simply poor credit, eviction history, criminal background etc.. we discovered if we gave people the resources to get stable and get employed they could get housing. In a lot of cases we house them first, employ them first bases on the simple idea it is easier to be housed if you have housing be employed if you are working.

I celebrated 28 years of sobriety 4 days ago based on a simple plan . Help someone and if you can help more help more. We have helped over 125,000 people and each one has given me the gift of Sobriety.

I thank my wife Neli my boys Devin and Dylan I can so proud to be their Dad, my family and each one of you.

I am blessed.

Brian M Rowland
US Army Veteran