Champagne and Beyond/Neli Vazquez Rowland: Entrepreneur Extraordinaire


Being a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and the leader of a highly lauded social business enterprise keeps Neli Vazquez Rowland’s life interesting, to say the least.  This recipient of numerous awards is frequently meeting with business leaders, government officials, and any ear she can bend to get them interested in A Safe Haven, even the president of the United States.

Neli Vazquez Rowland

Although petite in stature, this crusader for those in crisis has a huge voice for those in need.  Vazquez-Rowland travels domestically and internationally to tell the story of her inimitable nonprofit organization.  She is often a keynote speaker or panelist on sustainable solutions for poverty, homelessness, veterans, and reentry populations addressing government, academic, and business forums.  She recently returned from Bogota, Columbia where she participated in a forum discussing prison reform because of A Safe Haven’s work with non-violent offenders.  “With our model, we are able to really showcase what we’re doing on an international stage, the idea of really helping people transition back into the community with a more softer landing, having a place to go, having a place where they can get three meals a day, helping them address the root cause of why they’re committing these crimes,” explains Vazquez-Rowland…

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