A Safe Haven Builds Capacity in Medicaid-Financed Services with Support from the Corporation for Supportive Housing


Chicago, IL, January 16, 2015 – A Safe Haven is honored to be among the list of Chicago-based community organizations participating in a year-long capacity-building initiative aimed at increasing revenue through Medicaid billing. The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) has partnered with the National Council on Behavioral Health to assist Supportive Housing providers, like A Safe Haven, in determining how Illinois’ Medicaid expansion can impact providers’ revenue stream. According to a report by CSH providing financial assistance to Supportive Housing providers is an essential component of care management as ‘research has shown that linking care management to supportive housing can dramatically improve health outcomes… and can impact health care utilization and overall program costs.’

“As we continue to see firsthand the positive impact access to supportive housing affords our clients at A Safe Haven, we are very grateful to the CSH for selecting us to take part in this initiative, as we see this as an opportunity to scale-up our existing services and better address the needs of our clients,” said A Safe Haven President and Co-Founder, Neli Vazquez Rowland.

A Safe Haven is licensed to bill Medicaid, and this opportunity presents its team of Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health professionals with the skills required to enhance and improve service delivery while building capacity by generating earned-income towards the organization’s bottom-line. Recognizing Medicaid as “viable” source of revenue is an important next step for A Safe Haven in developing its own capacity. Further this partnership affords A Safe Haven with an opportunity to utilize the resources of an experienced consultant by working jointly to forecast costs and revenue needed to make adjustments to the organization’s strategic plan.