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Mission Statement

A Safe Haven offers an unprecedentedly comprehensive approach to addressing homelessness. Our central goal is to help people find a path to sustainable self-sufficiency. To guide our residents on this journey, our multi-faceted team of care professionals delivers individualized case management for each resident to connect them to the appropriate services in a cohesive and coordinated way. One of the first and most important steps is to provide semi-private accommodations based on their specific needs. This first step provides our residents “A Safe Haven” from which to begin their journey back to health and independence.

Our award-winning model of care identifies each resident’s respective physical, mental, social, or economic needs, then develops a service plan according to their specific needs. Everyone who comes to A Safe Haven, from single adults to families with children, youth, military veterans, or other backgrounds, is treated with the highest level of respect and dignity. Our collaborative support program provides education and self-improvement opportunities to help each person manage their social or economic challenges in a coordinated, positive way. A Safe Haven is an environment that fosters success. We help thousands of people each year to restore their lives and move into a more practical, secure future. That is our commitment to the people we serve and to society as a whole.

In an environment that fosters success.

ASH Services:   Individualized case management, shelter, food, treatment, education, job training, access to employment & affordable housing. Partnership network:public/private/corporate/foundations and other entities to provide a network that can help deliver a seamless continuum of care, housing and employment and/or resources including funding to achieve financial stability & sustainability.

Impact Goal:   Improved return on investment, efficiencies and results for all stakeholders.


A Safe Haven Foundation maintains a transitional housing facility with the capacity of 406 beds.

Veteran Housing

A Safe Haven is a referral partner and resource for the United States Veteran Affairs.(USVA) Through the support and partnership with the USVA A Safe Haven provides housing at all levels for military veterans including permanent and supportive housing for adults and senior veterans.


Through onsite personal individualized case management and referrals, we provide residents with treatment and mental health services, as well as vital resources necessary to regain stability and a fresh start.


A Safe Haven provides Drug and Alcohol Treatment and individual and group recovery education, programs and meetings.  Based on a 12 step model, our professional mental health services benefit participants on site.


A Safe Haven offers classes on literacy, financial literacy, computer literacy, writing and verbal communication skills, parenting and nutrition education, GED, and more.


Our workforce development programs provide life skills, soft skills, job readiness training, on-the-job-training, internships and job placement services. State and City professional certification programs are available. A Safe Haven considers employment to be critically important to the long-term success and stability of those served by the organization.


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