HEALING will reveal the behind the scenes intimate, and personal stories of real people who have endured and overcome the devastation of the homeless and opioid epidemic. Experience a rare glimpse into how they became homeless and what it was like to live in the shadows and on the dangerous streets—hopelessly lost, addicted and estranged from family and children, often for decades.

You will be moved to read about the harrowing challenges they faced and how by design, predictably and against all odds they found the will to rise from the depths of despair and get on a solid path that helped them rebuild and realize their potential with their pride and purpose restored. A Safe Haven’s fully integrated model and systems helped these people become mainstreamed and welcomed back into society to now live as positive, productive members of their communities.

Today they are raising their families and going to work everyday and giving back, too. These stories of trial and triumph are only a few of the thousands that manifest annually with the help of A Safe Haven’s “Elegant Solution.”


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