2011: A Safe Haven by the Numbers

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About A Safe Haven

A Safe Haven empowers families and individuals experiencing homelessness or crisis to achieve sustainable self-sufficiency. After a crisis struck their own family, Neli Vazquez-Rowland and Brian Rowland left their jobs in finance to found A Safe Haven in 1994. Frustrated by fragmented services, Neli and Brian integrated supportive housing, case management, addiction treatment, education, and life skills, with a network of affordable housing, industry training, and job placement (including landscaping, food service, security, housekeeping, and customer service) at A Safe Haven. Now people in crisis, particularly the homeless, have a comprehensive, integrated path to self-sufficiency and independence. After finishing a program customized to each resident’s needs, A Safe Haven graduates thrive as they contribute to society. Graduates earned $3.2 million and paid nearly $500,000 in taxes in 2010, due to some of the United States’ highest job placement and retention rates, measured by the Department of Labor. At a time when economic and political realities demand a new approach, A Safe Haven helps people help themselves, partnering public and private interests to deliver a sustainable, evidence-based social business enterprise model that makes a direct and lasting impact. A Safe Haven has been lauded by leaders in academia, policy, and business, and other stakeholders for developing the model to solve homelessness and crisis.