A Safe Haven is an amazing program, but you have to be willing to bow down and humble yourself and let these people help you.

Day’Meon A Safe Haven Resident


A Safe Haven’s program for vets is awesome, because a lot of us don’t make enough money when we get out of the military, so having this option is a great thing.

Timothy A Safe Haven Alumnus, Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran

I’m thankful for the opportunity to live in A Safe Haven affordable housing because my daughter can live in a safe, stable environment with her family. What got us here was the support we received all the way through.

Marisol A Safe Haven Alumna

The Food Service Professional Institute helped me find a way back into the hospitality industry. It’s hard to get a job when you’ve been to prison twice. Before prison, I’d been in this industry for ten years.  It’s my forte.  It’s what I knew. A Safe Haven is helping me to strengthen my skills and regain my career.

Carol A Safe Haven Resident

A Safe Haven Landscaping taught me responsibility. Once I got hired it was someone relying on me to be there. The feeling of someone being dependent on you motivates me to be responsible in maintaining my apartment, in doing well at school, in having a good work ethic, and always completing assignments to the best of my capabilities.

Christopher A Safe Haven Alumnus