Without A Safe Haven, I would be homeless and I would not have been reunited with my children. A lot of people would still suffer from substance abuse without A Safe Haven to go to. I would say to the donor bless you, and I would ask you to keep donating to A Safe Haven so we can continue to help people change people. It really is a life-changing experience at A Safe Haven; I know it has been for me and thousands of others. If you are going to donate, A Safe Haven is the perfect place because you will help people like me to get on their feet and succeed.

Danyone Veteran and Mother of Two


Someone told me to try something new, that was when I decided to go to A Safe Haven, and that was the best decision of my life. In one month, I had gotten a job, got my kids and I got my apartment. I was overwhelmed but it was awesome!

Sandra A Safe Haven Alumna, Class of 2004