Jeff fondly remember the beginnings of his passion for music; he recalls singing gospel music alongside his mother at only 5 years old. Now 58, he explains that in his younger years, thanks to the urging of family and friends, he even entered several singing contests, racking up thousands of dollars in prize money! Despite his early successes, Jeff explains “this is just a hobby, I do it because I love to entertain, I love to sing, but it’s not something I would try to build a career on”.  Instead, Jeff chose other fields that he would equally enjoy but would provide him a stable income and the opportunity to plan for the future. Despite Jeff’s ambitious nature, hardships are sometimes unexpected. Several months ago following an unforeseen sell-out from his landlord, Jeff had nowhere to go and was left homeless. However, as an army veteran honorably discharged due to injury, Jeff is no stranger to resilience.

Jeff realized after losing his home that not everything can be planned. Through a recommendation by the VA, Jeff found A Safe Haven. Since arriving at A Safe Haven, Jeff has taken advantage of many opportunities and is looking forward to moving into a new apartment in the coming weeks. He is also working for A Safe Haven Landscaping, which has given him the chance to embrace another one of his passions-the outdoors. More importantly, Jeff found a place to regroup while he plans his next step. While it has been no easy journey, he has not lost his positivity or sense of direction. Music still brings Jeff the same joy it did all those years ago; “It is something I have always loved and always will”.

Jeff the Singer