Since its founding 17 years ago, A Safe Haven has expanded its transformative services and the populations it serves. A Safe Haven is now launching an exciting update to its identity to more accurately reflect its powerful program.

The interlocked paths within the house represent how A Safe Haven meets residents where they are, providing holistic services under one roof. The circular shape represents the total transformation, and the arrow to the right symbolizes moving forward, “breaking the cycle” and returning to mainstream society as productive families and adults. The bright shade of green represents the growth of A Safe Haven’s residents, as well as A Safe Haven’s singular ability to bring about social sustainability. The secondary gray color provides a warm complement.

The tagline “Aspire. Transform. Sustain.” captures the essence of our mission, from perspectives of both residents and supporters. Residents can aspire to self-sufficiency, participate in our programs for their personal transformation, and leave with the tools to succeed in the long term. Meanwhile, our supporters can aspire to make such change possible, transform others’ lives, and sustain the organization with their support.

Lastly, the crisp, modern type evokes A Safe Haven’s forward-looking programs.

All collateral materials will reflect the new brand. We hope you like the changes.

We will be launching a completely new website in the next few months, so stay tuned!