A Safe Haven Foundation maintains a transitional housing facility with the capacity of 406 beds for 210 men, 69 women, and 127 children.  Single men and women share same-sex rooms, while families are provided with their own rooms. Our residents have access to meals, healthcare, laundry facilities, and a computer lab. Our Transitional Housing program provides case management services, housing, and meals—assisting clients in achieving self-sufficiency.  Generally, it takes less than four months to provide services to our residents, assess individuals’ needs and connect them with viable housing.  However, this length may vary depending on an individual’s progress and needs.


  • Must be currently homeless or at risk of homelessness or at risk of homelessness and unable to afford other housing options 
  • No record of violent, arson, or sex crimes

For more information about our transitional housing, please call us at (773) 435-8300.