Housing Services

Shortage of affordable rental housing and an increase in poverty are the two trends primarily responsible for homelessness, joblessness, drug and alcohol addiction and mental health issues. A Safe Haven Foundation is proud to offer housing to individuals who are committed to leading healthy lives and fully participating in their communities, their families and the workplace.

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Transitional Housing

Interim housing is short-term housing that rapidly integrates people who are homeless into an appropriate living space.  These residences provide an intermediate step between homelessness and permanent housing without disrupting treatment and support.  Once in interim housing, this program is designed to connect clients to viable permanent housing within four months.
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Recovery Housing

Recovery housing is for those desiring a safe and stable living environment after significant transitions in their lives.  This housing caters to those on the path to self-sufficiency after substance abuse, imprisonment, or other crisis. Each unit holds meetings to determine household responsibilities and provide support.
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Supportive Housing

Permanent supportive housing combines shelter and supportive services to help clients live in a stable and productive environment.  When accepted to this program, residents have access to an array of services such as counseling, addiction recovery meetings, health services, and job training.  This housing also emphasizes residents living a social, healthy, and active lifestyle with various activities offered.
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Affordable Living

Independent living sites provide a mix of market rate and affordable housing for those with a stable income who may no longer require supportive services.  These options ensure that those with low income have the financial means to have their own living space.  Rooms come fully furnished with a wide range of amenities and rents.
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