Housing Services

A Safe Haven offers a continuum of phased housing which consists of access to a network of over 34 locations and growing, located throughout Chicago and surrounding suburbs ranging from transitional, supportive, affordable and senior housing. All sites are designed to be safe, affordable, beautifully maintained and landscaped housing located near shopping, parks and transportation and other excellent amenities. A Safe Haven properties are professionally managed to provide people the opportunity to simply live in affordable housing or to help re-integrate people back into appropriate housing in a supportive, friendly community that meets their needs and is affordable for them to sustain their recovery lifestyle and/or themselves and their families independently and long-term.

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Transitional Housing

Interim housing is short-term housing that rapidly integrates people who are homeless into an appropriate living space.  These residences provide an intermediate step between homelessness and permanent housing without disrupting treatment and support.  Once in interim housing, this program is designed to connect clients to viable permanent housing within four months.
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EDundeeSenior Affordable Housing

At A Safe Haven we provide affordable senior housing available to qualified candidates over 55 at various locations and growing throughout the Chicagoland area.  We are proud of the beautiful accommodations we make available to our residents located near shopping, school, jobs and more that allow people to build communities and social activities around their lifestyle and interests.  We provide 24 hour security, and professional services available upon request to ensure that all of our residents remain healthy, proud and positive members of their communities.

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Supportive Housing

Permanent supportive housing combines shelter and supportive services to help clients live in a stable and productive environment.  When accepted to this program, residents have access to an array of services such as counseling, addiction recovery meetings, health services, and job training.  This housing also emphasizes residents living a social, healthy, and active lifestyle with various activities offered.
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Affordable Housing

Independent living sites provide a mix of market rate and affordable housing for those with a stable income who may no longer require supportive services.  These options ensure that those with low income have the financial means to have their own living space.  Rooms come fully furnished with a wide range of amenities and rents.
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